Today's not-for-profit organizations face an ever-evolving set of challenges. It is important for these entities to have experienced advisors on their side. Our not-for-profit professionals have over fifteen years' of experience in this industry. They understand and are well versed in the unique tax laws and complex reporting requirements that affect the non-profit sector. Our clients include a diverse group of not-for-profit organizations, including charitable organizations, advocacy groups, membership organizations, education and mentoring programs, organizations that provide housing and rental assistance through numerous HUD programs, associations, and foundations.

We are committed to helping not-for profit organizations meet their compliance obligations as well as plan for the future. Our professionals can provide quality audit services to organizations in a cost effective and timely manner as well as prepare all required tax returns on your organization’s behalf. The firm also offers its clients a wide range of management consulting services to help not-for-profit organizations effectively use their resources and achieve their objectives.

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